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Three years ago, Nike tapped R/GA to reimagine their B2B site. More than a site redesign, the task involves the development of a functionally integrated, globally aligned ecosystem of applications to support Nike's business transformation. The complexity of the project lays in creating an environment that works for over 4000 users worldwide, who exercise different roles within the sales chain and have different customer needs to fulfill. We were assigned with rethinking and redesigning the 'Claims & Returns' application. 

'Claims and Returns' had to solve its internal issues, but also work seamlessly with the already existing Sales 2.0 apps to strengthen the integrated nature of the new ecosystem.

The 'Claims and Returns' app falls under the 'Order' section of the site. It is where users report any issues they had with their orders, such as missing items, wrong items, damaged items, or unwanted items, to name a few. They are also able to check on claim progress to administer their inventory through this app.

The Claims and Returns 1.0 experience was confusing to many users. There were too many steps, the process changed considerably depending on the type of claim being filed, and the directional copy was not always clear. Many users wound up filing the wrong type of claim; several others bypassed the site and chose to call in instead. This was not time or cost effective for Nike.


We simplified the flows from eight to four steps, and made the process consistent regardless of the type of claim being filed. We eliminated steps that could be filled out automatically by the system, minimizing the amount of data requested from the user. 

Starting out with sketches, moving through wires, and finally arriving at visual design, we proposed a fool-proof wizard to guide users to select the correct type of claim - this was the #1 mistake across all scenarios. This approach made the site smarter too - by knowing the claim type, we could customize the information requirements for each user within each claim type.

This is an example of a user journey to file a Return.

Through 'Claim Status' app, the user is able to easily find and track all submitted claims, present and past.